Here’s why pushing your skateboard mongo style is bad

I realized skateboarding at a really younger age and by no means thought of my stance. I simply assumed the way in which my toes had been positioned was right method to push a skateboard. First time I heard somebody point out pushing mongo was a very long time in the past, I had no thought what it even was to be sincere. I came upon later I used to be doing it unsuitable.

Why is pushing your skateboard mongo dangerous? It’s not nearly model there extra to it than wanting dangerous. Initially, it takes you longer to place your self correctly. You must transfer your toes round extra in comparison with a correct stance. Second, you’ve gotten much less  stability as a result of your weight is on the again of your skateboard. This implies it’s a bit extra dangerous than a daily stance, much less  stability means the next danger of falling.

It’s not arduous to be taught to push in a traditional stance nevertheless it requires some endurance. You don’t should, it’s as much as you however there are a few benefits pushing in a traditional stance. Additionally it isn’t all that dangerous, there are even some advantages to mongo stance so let’s see what the professionals and cons are.

What’s pushing mongo anyway

It has to do with footedness. The best way you favor to push your self ahead when using a skateboard. Correct pushing means you set your entrance foot close to the entrance of your vehicles (close to the bolts). Then you definitely use your again foot (and leg) to push your self ahead. Now for mongo it’s a distinct story. It’s unclear the place the phrase got here from however you don’t should have a wild creativeness to know what it means.

If you push mongo you place your again toes close to the centre of your board (picture 1) and use your entrance foot to push. As a way to get again into place you should place your entrance foot in your board (picture 2) whereas type of concurrently shifting your again foot to your tail (picture three and four). Nonetheless following? Right here’s an instance of what I imply.

You’ll be able to see why this will trigger issues with stability and response time. It takes lots longer than stepping into a traditional stance. It’s not all dangerous, you’ll be able to unlearn and there are a number of benefits should you began out pushing your skateboard this manner. It’s not solely in regards to the time it takes to get in your board, so let’s take a more in-depth look.

The benefit of pushing mongo

Let’s begin with the benefits as a result of despite the fact that pushing mongo is frowned upon, you’ll have a a lot simpler time studying to trip fakie! You push mongo after which when you’ve gotten sufficient velocity you solely have to put your entrance foot close to the truck bolts and again foot in your tail. So now you’re using pretend prefer it’s second nature.

Using swap may even be a bit much less awkward at first. You already push together with your from foot so that you solely have to put your again foot a bit of extra to the entrance of your board. Then you definitely solely should put your entrance foot in your tail. Steering will nonetheless really feel a bit odd however observe makes good.

To be honest, the advantages don’t outweigh the cons.

The cons

Pushing mongo isn’t very environment friendly there are a few drawback that aren’t all the time too apparent. You want fast entry to your tail continually while you push round. You want it to ollie, kickturn, hop cracks, keep away from small rocks ,and many others.

If you happen to push common this might be a lot simpler as a result of it simply takes much less time to get in the proper position. You solely should should take your again foot on and off your tail. Mongo requires a number of further steps and a few may even be a bit dangerous. If it takes longer to get into a correct and secure place, you’ll be able to’t deal far as quick with sudden occasions. You’ve got much less time to react and also you in all probability skilled this your self already.

Additionally, weight distribution and middle of gravity comes into play. Your stationary again foot is between the center of your board and tail. It makes the trip unstable and turns into extra obvious at higher speeds. It’s additionally method tougher to make corrections when one thing or somebody is in your path.  you don’t have these points while you push regular. Your entrance foot is positioned close to the bolts of the entrance vehicles which offer you rather more stability.

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